Band Members & Others
I am fortunate to have a wonderful band to back me up.  I
would like to introduce you to my band members.  Many of you
will already have met my musicians as they have been with me
for years.
Gary Goss - Band leader, keyboard and
vocals.  Gary hails from Nacogdoches,
TX.  Gary has been playing music with
me for over 29 years.
Bruce Carter hails from Conroe,
TX.  He is a law enforcement
officer.   Bruce has been my
drummer for 19 years.
Mike Hammock calls
Waxahatchi, TX home.  Mike
plays bass guitar, lead guitar
and vocals.  He has been
with my group for 25 years.  
Mike is employed with an
electrical energy provider.
MaryJane Losey makes her home in Las
Animas, CO. (The only non-Texan in the
group). MJ maintains this website.
John David Aultman is the newest
member to our band.  John plays
bass guitar.  He makes his home
in Fairfield, TX.
He is a law enforcement officer.  
Forrest Davis resides in Decatur, TX.  Forrest
is my Recording Executive/Manager of
Business Affairs.  Forrest produced my CD
Live From Texas".
Randy Reinhard on the steel guitar. Kenny Penny also
guitar and fiddle.
Randy Reinhard
Kenny Penny