Rodriguez Current Events
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Photos are courtesy of Ron
Losey Photography, Las Animas,
CO 81054
Thanks to everyone who has in the past, and continues to call
their favorite radio stations to request my songs.
Also, I know ya'll are busy but take a minute out of your busy
day to call Willie's Roadhouse on SiriusXM Radio
866-267-0349) to thank them for playing songs by your
favorite artists.  This is a great channel for classic country
music.  You can also email them at  As I have mentioned before, I
want to thank everyone who already does or has in the past
requested my songs on your favorite radio stations.  And when
you call, please tell them that
Johnny Rodriguez said
THANK YOU from him.
Check out the new website for Third Coast Talent at  I want to thank my good friend, Ron
Losey, for his professional photography and the pictures
appearing on Third Coast Talent website
For those of you who were not able to purchase the Country
Music People Magazine
with the recent article about me, it
can be previewed and printed by clicking on
Johnny Rodriguez
This is a  pdf file and can be magnified for your convenience in
reading and printing.  Hope you enjoy the article. Thank you to
Duncan Warwick, editor;  Adrian Peel, writer,  and Ron Losey,
photographer, for the assistance on this article.  
Don't forget to order my latest CD. It has the classic hits on it as
well as a couple of other songs.  I know you will like it
LIVE FROM TEXAS   Buy this new CD for $10.00 + $3.00 SH  
Mail check or money order to Runnin Wide Open, 111 Private
Road 2168,  Decatur Texas 76234.  This CD was recorded live
last April in Hamilton, TX while we were doing the TruCountry
Check out
PANDORA Radio.....I have my own Johnny Rodriguez Channel
on Pandora Radio via the Internet.  My music is played along
with other classic artists.  To sign up for this free channel, go to
The next time I see you, I hope you will let me know you are
listening to the Johnny Rodriguez Radio on Pandora.

I recently was honored to do an interview with Meghann Garcia
of the
Uvalde Leader News.  The interview is a two page
article.  The above link will take you to the front page with
beginning of the article.  The second page can be accessed by
clicking on this link....
Page 2.  These pages are pdf files and
can be magnified for better reading.  If anyone would like to
order a copy of the newspaper, you may call 830-278-3335.  
Thank you, Meghann, for asking to do the interview.  You did a
good job.
Just to let you know what I've been up to.
The week of June 2nd is going to be a very busy one for
me.  I arrived in Nashville Sunday evening, June 1st.  Today,
June 2, I have done a phone interview with a radio station
promoting the Lawrenceburg show.  Sorry, but I can't
remember the call letters of the radio station.  THEN, I have
been taping a segment on Larry's Country Diner which will
be aired in the future.  Gary Goss also was included in the
taping.  So watch for this segment in the future. Will try to
keep you posted on my  events.  We hope to see you while
we are in this area.  Check out the "Upcoming Show" page
of this website for more information.
June 3 -  enjoyed hooking up with old friends, and just
relaxing.  Played some golf this afternoon.
It has been a whirlwind of activity going from Nashville to
Alabama to present a show there. I want to thank all who
have turned out for each show we have had. Now back to
Nashville and the final show in this area - Lawrenceburg.
Hope to see many familiar faces as well as meet new fans
and friends.

The Larry's Country Diner will be broadcast on August
2nd and November 1st on the RFD-TV Channel.  Check
your local channel listing.  Direct TV airs this show on
channel 345 and Dish Network on Channel 231.