Rodriguez Current Events
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Thanks to everyone who has in the past, and continues to call their favorite radio stations to
request my songs.
Also, I know ya'll are busy but take a minute out of your busy day to call Willie's Roadhouse
on SiriusXM Radio (
866-267-0349) to thank them for playing songs by your favorite artists.  
This is a great channel for classic country music.  You can also email them at  As I have mentioned before, I want to thank everyone who
already does or has in the past requested my songs on your favorite radio stations.  And
when you call, please tell them that
Johnny Rodriguez said THANK YOU from him.
Check out the new website for Third Coast Talent at  I want to thank my good friend, Ron Losey, for his
professional photography and the pictures appearing on Third Coast Talent website
For those of you who were not able to purchase the Country Music People Magazine with
the recent article about me, it can be previewed and printed by clicking on
Johnny Rodriguez
This is a  pdf file and can be magnified for your convenience in reading and printing.  Hope
you enjoy the article. Thank you to Duncan Warwick, editor;  Adrian Peel, writer,  and Ron
Losey, photographer, for the assistance on this article.  
PANDORA Radio.....I have my own Johnny Rodriguez Channel on Pandora Radio via the
Internet.  My music is played along with other classic artists.  To sign up for this free channel,
go to
The next time I see you, I hope you will let me know you are listening to the Johnny Rodriguez
Radio on Pandora.

I recently was honored to do an interview with Meghann Garcia of the Uvalde Leader News.  
The interview is a two page article.  The above link will take you to the front page with
beginning of the article.  The second page can be accessed by clicking on this link....
Page 2.  
These pages are pdf files and can be magnified for better reading.  If anyone would like to
order a copy of the newspaper, you may call 830-278-3335.  Thank you, Meghann, for asking
to do the interview.  You did a good job.
Just to let you know what I've been up to,
and what I will be doing.
As you all know, I was recently a
guest on Larry's Country Diner
which is shown on the RFD
Channel.  We had a fun time and I
hope to go back again.
There is a monthly newspaper put
out by Larry Black of Country's
Family Reunion and Larry's Country
Diner.  The September, 2014 issue
was sporting a story about me on
the front page.  I have an idea that
Renae pestered Larry so much that
he decided he better do it.
Every month there are featured
stories about country music
Subscribe by calling
1-800-820-5405.  I think you will
really enjoy the monthly paper.
Hello out there!
This is Johnny.  I just want to say that I appreciate all of  
you who stay in touch with MaryJane.  She has always
been a great friend and help for me.
I also thank all of you who are going to "Amazon", and
getting my new double CD called "The Definitive Years".
I look forward to coming to your area soon.
Johnny Rodriguez.

It is amazing the number of visitors here at the Official Website.
Recently there have been visitors from Portugal, Greece,
Ireland, England, South America, Canada, Australia ,Mexic
o ,  
Indonesa ,Turkey, Switzerland, Tunisia and New Zealand.  
he states of Montana, North and South Carolina, Virginia, West
Virginia, Florida, Kansas, Alabama, Minnesota, Wisconsin,
Louisiana, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, New Mexico, Colorado,
Arizona, California, Nevada, Georgia, Indiana, Arkansas, Texas,
Washington,Tennessee, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Vermont,
Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Iowa, Utah, New
Iowa.   I'm sure I have missed some.  This is
Hunting for albums from the early years?  The following
albums pictured below are now on CD format at
Johnny and old friend, Corky Parker,
visit Garner State Park
My latest album pictured below, The Definitive Years,
is also available at  It is a 2-CD set.
Due to health reasons, the Trail Ride has been

Johnny Rodriguez will soon embark on a new
adventure, something he has thought about and
wanted to do for many years.  On his birthday,
December 10, 2015, Johnny will leave Laredo, TX
bound for Houston, TX.  What makes this adventure
noteworthy is the fact that Johnny will be riding
horseback.  He is allowing himself 30 days to make the
trip.  He will be joined along the trip with area
musicians and when the group arrives in a small town
at nightfall, the guitars will come out and a concert will
begin.  No motels for this group; they will be sleeping
under the stars. To bring awareness for the Wounded
Warriors, Johnny will also be accompanied by a Green
friend.  Johnny will be getting sponsors, who
will be announced later, to help with this endeavor .  
This event will be tracked and locations posted.    This
is a first- - - no other artist has ever made a journey
such as this.

A lot is happening in the life and career of Johnny
Rodriguez and you can track it all, right here at
Rodriguez Rides With Warriors (Across Texas)
A website will soon be established
We will let you know when it is up and running
I want to throw out a BIG THANK YOU to my fans and
friends who have remembered me with prayers, cards and
gifts. I hope to see you soon. Love to you all!