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Thanks to everyone who has in the past, and continues to call their favorite radio stations to
request my songs.
Check out the new website for Third Coast Talent at  I want to thank my good friend, Ron Losey, for his professional
photography and the pictures appearing on Third Coast Talent website
For those of you who were not able to purchase the Country Music People Magazine with
the recent article about me, it can be previewed and printed by clicking on
Johnny Rodriguez
This is a  pdf file and can be magnified for your convenience in reading and printing.  Hope
you enjoy the article. Thank you to Duncan Warwick, editor;  Adrian Peel, writer,  and Ron
Losey, photographer, for the assistance on this article.  

I recently was honored to do an interview with Meghann Garcia of the Uvalde Leader News.  
The interview is a two page article.  The above link will take you to the front page with
beginning of the article.  The second page can be accessed by clicking on this link....
Page 2.  
These pages are pdf files and can be magnified for better reading.  If anyone would like to
order a copy of the newspaper, you may call 830-278-3335.  Thank you, Meghann, for asking
to do the interview.  You did a good job.
Just to let you know what I've been up to,
and what I will be doing.
Hello out there!
This is Johnny.  I just want to say that I appreciate all of  
you who stay in touch with MaryJane.  She has always
been a great friend and help for me.
I also thank all of you who are going to "Amazon", and
getting my new double CD called "The Definitive Years".
I look forward to coming to your area soon.
Johnny Rodriguez.
Hunting for albums from the early years?  The
following albums pictured below are now on CD format
My latest album pictured
below, The Definitive
Years, is also available at  It is a
2-CD set.
An interesting blog about one of my performances held at
the Sportsman's  BBQ & Back Yard in Lake City, CO  has
surfaced on the Internet.   The name of the blog is

written by  Shannon.  Thank you, Shannon, for sharing this
blog and in turn I am sharing it to my fans.
To view this blog by Shannon
click here.
2/24/2016........(by MaryJane)

My good friend, Terry Burford, who was inducted into the Disk Jockey Hall of Fame in
2001, and is now at Radio Station KZHE in Magnolia, Arkansas, does a monthly
conversation with Johnny Western about memories of country music artists. This
month's conversation was about Johnny Rodriguez.  This is a 30 minute conversation
and is available at Radio Station KZHE.  I corrected Terry after the conversation to let
him know that Johnny is booked by Carrie Reed Moore of Third Coast Talent in
Nashville area, and that I do the Official Johnny Rodriguez Music website.
I hope you all will enjoy the memories that Terry and Johnny Western have of Johnny
Click here to listen.
Click on Terry Burford's name at the top of the webpage to start the conversation.
The March 2016 issue of Country Family Reunion/Larry's
Country Diner Newspaper has arrived.  So much good reading
in this issue. One article written by Sasha Kay Dunavant is titled
"Four Latino Artists Leave Signature on Country Music History" .
Johnny was featured as well as Freddy Fender, Rosie Flores
and Leticia "Tish"Hinojosa.
If you are interested in subscribing, the number is
615-673-2846. Larry Black is the publisher.
The picture below shows a Texas Ranger leading the riderless
horse in tribute to the late Ranger, Joaquin Jackson,  at memorial
held June 25, 2016 in Alpine, Texas.
"My sincere condolences to the family of Joaquin Jackson. Rest
in Peace, Texas Ranger"
5/4/2017 - The following article was in the San Antonio Express
newspaper.  The name of the article "Fans can't pass Johnny
Rodriguez by.  I hope you will enjoy reading it.  Click on the link
below. This was shared by Paulette Sanchez.
My San Antonio
For those who might have missed an interview on the
Bill Cody radio show while Johnny has been in
Nashville, it is available on YouTube; titled Johnny
Rodriguez Interviewed on WSM Radio in Nashville,
Tennessee.  Mary Esther Rositas posted the
interview.  Thank you, Mary Esther
"While the Lukes, Blakes and FGLs may get the lion's share of
publicity at CMA Fest, the backbone of the festival are the veteran
artists who connect today's Nashville with its roots. Bobby Bare,
Jeannie Seely and T.G. Sheppard all turned in nostalgic sets on
the Fan Fair X concourse, with the appearance of Johnny
Rodriquez a rare treat. Although the 65-year-old Texas singer...
sported a cast on his right hand that prohibited him from playing
guitar, he was in excellent voice during a heartfelt performance on
Friday afternoon, offering hits like "Ridin' My Thumb to Mexico"
and "You Always Come Back (To Hurtin' Me)." But it was his
beautiful rendition of his 1973 Number One "That's the Way Love
Goes" that reminded fans how important Rodriguez was to
Seventies country. J.H."

Johnny was mentioned in an article in the Rolling Stones
Magazine, CMA Music Festival 2017: 26 Best Things We Saw: