Pictures of Recent Shows
LanTex Theater
January 10, 2015
Thanks to Elizabeth Thompson Hayes, Shirley
Fresh and Tracy Pitcox for the pictures from
Llano, TX.
Sharon Jackson helping at
autograph table.
Elizabeth Thompson Hayes
Tracy Pitcox, Heart of Texas Music.
Tracy Pitcox, John David Aultman, Johnny, & Gary Goss
Rodriguez jacket worn by
Shirley Fresh.
Trader's Village,
San Antonio, TX
January 18, 2015
Paulette Sanchez with Johnny's sister, Eloisa.
Ron Jackson doing videoing for Paulette.
Patrice Ash and Paulette Sanchez
Elizabeth Thompson Hayes
Cousin Betti Garza
Shirley Fresh, Rachel Rodriguez Stine, Kelly Kenning,
Richie Allbright
Felix Truvere who opened the afternoon performance
Photos from Trader's Village are courtesy of Paulette
and Patrice Ash.  Thanks, Paulette & Patrice.
Paulette with Kenny Penny, Fiddle player.
Ron Jackson, Kelly Kenning, Richie Allbright
Richie Allbright
Kelly Kenning
Kenny Penny
This lady was a friend of Johnny's
mother. She had not seen Johnny for
50 years but he recognized her.