Pictures of Recent Shows
Old Lovelady Gym
Lovelady  Texas
April 18, 2015
Kelly Kenning
Mitzi Marbry, Marlena Hayter, Donna Smith, Teresa
Queener & Patrice Ash
Mitzi Marbry walking off stage after picking up
Johnny's towel.
MaryJane Losey, Marlena Hayter, Mitzi Marbry, Donna
Smith & Teresa Queener
Mike Hammock
Sharon Jackson & MaryJane Losey
Teresa Queener & Johnny.
Donna Smith & Johnny
Thank you, Mitzi Marbry and
Patrice Ash for pictures.
Johny Rodriguez Band
Left to right:  Randy Reinhart. Kenny Penny, Bruce Carter,
Mike Hammock, Johnny Rodriguez, Gary Goss
Kenny Penny
Randy Reinhard
Bruce Carter
Patrice Ash & Mitzi Marbry
Johnny received roses from two fans.
He continued to sing and play and stuck
the roses in his belt, to keep hands free.
APRIL 25, 2015
Thanks to Sharon Cobb,
Shirley Fresh and Patti
Carr-Reed for pictures.
Patti Carr Reed & mother Glenda Carr
Shanna Pearce Wood
Road trip to New Mexico.
Pictures courtesy of Mike Hammock, Bruce
Carter, Vincent Rodriguez, and Neka
Scarbrough-Jenkins and Laddy Valencia,
and Patrice Ash.
Songwriter Avery Barnes and Shirley Fresh
Dancing Eagle Casino & Event Center
Casa Blanco , New Mexico
May 1, 2015
Rita Dobbs from Farmington, NM
Nephew Vincent Rodriguez & his mother, Mary
Sister-in-law Mary Madrid
Entertainer Hector Saldana
Fuel stop with Mike Hammock
Bruce Carter, Drummer
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
May 2, 2015
Thanks to Patrice Ash and
Shirley Fresh for pictures of the
show and greet & meet.