Pictures of Recent Shows
Livingston, MT
The Music Ranch
August 31. 2017
Pictures courtesy of Shirley Fresh
Llano, TX
Lantex Theater
September 9, 2017
Copyrighted photos courtesy of
Patrice Ash.  Please do not share
or copy without permission.
Pictures also from Shirley Fresh.
Above & below:  Johnny with Tracy Pitcox.
Ann Straughan with Johnny
Cheryl Huckaby
Carol Ballard
Belinda J. Anderson-Machen
Photographer Patrice Ash
Alex Fox, Shirley Fresh & Johnny
Abilene, TX
West Texas Fair & Rodeo
September 13, 2017
Photos by Patrice Ash.  All
photos are copyrighted.  Please
do not copy or share withou
written permission from Ms. Ash