Pictures of Recent Shows
Dosey Doe
The Woodlands, TX
September 12, 2015
Andy Williams Moon River Theater
Branson, MO
October 4, 2015
Thanks to Up Close Concerts for the picture on
the right.
Johnny opened for
The Queen of Country Music
Loretta Lynn
Andy Williams Moon
River Theater seats
2,250 and was sold out.
Johnny was joined on stage by his daughter, Aubry Rodriguez.
Picture  above shows Aubry presenting an appreciation plaque
to  bandleader/keyboard player Gary Goss for his 30 years of
dedication to Johnny and fans.
Note from Aubry Rodriguez:  I would love to say
Thanks to everyone for coming to Branson
Sunday night and allowing me to share my Dad's
stage for a few minutes!!  For those of you who
were left standing in line without an autograph or
picture, we sincerely apologize.  Dad had received
a flu shot, a pneumonia shot as well as a B-12 on
Saturday evening which left him not feeling well.  
He was unable to eat all day on Sunday and was
experiencing an over all uneasy feeling.  You may
have noticed he sat through the entire show.  He is
very appreciative of all the love and support you
all have shown him throughout the years.  Thanks
again :)
Thanks to all who have
submitted pictures:  Diane
McBride, Patrice Ash, Diane
Shannon, Shirley Fresh &
Maureen C. Sherman
Carolyn McPherson
Mitzi Marbry from Arab, Alabama
Long time fan Nancy Boyd
Another long time fan who just last year
connected again, Lavon McGinnis
Buckhorn Lake Resort
Kerrville, TX
October 10, 2015
Thanks to Debbie Stewart Reiter,
Patrice Ash, Paulette Sanchez & Mollie
Flores for pictures. If I have missed
anyone, please let me know.
Entertainer Kelly Kenning
Entertainer Preston Coly
Fan Becky Johnson
Longtime fan Mollie Flores
Fan Paulette Sanchez
Melissa, friend of Mollie Flores
Blue  Bonnet Festival
Victoria, TX
October, 2015
Thanks to Becky Riddle for pictures.  
Moe Bandy was unable to perform and
Johnny filled in for him.