Pictures of Recent Shows/Events
Corpus Christi, TX
Brewster Street Station
August 30, 2018
Appearing with Flaco Jiminez
Thank you to Gilda, Belinda
Anderson-Machen, Juanita Ramos-Vasquez
and Patrice Ash for pictures.  Below is a note
from Patrice:  As Always, All my photos are
Please do NOT copy, share, or use in Any
Way without my express Written Permission.
Thank you.
Patrice L. Ash
Concan, TX
House Pasture
September 1, 2018
Thanks to Belinda Anderson-Machen, Patrice
Ash and Shirley Fresh for the pictures taken
at Concan.  Pictures from Patrice Ash are
copyrighted . Please do not share or copy her
pictures without her written express
Top 3 photos were also taken by
Patrice Ash
Pictures taken at House
Pasture, Concan, TX
directly follow Corpus
Christi pictures.
Denise & Tommy Rinehart.  Denise was 14 years old
when the goat BBQ took place. She had sneaked out of
the house to go to Garner State Park. She enjoyed the
feast and then witnessed the arrest.  Needless to say,
she later was in a lot of trouble with her parents.