Pictures of Recent Shows
Dick Clark Theater, Branson, MO
October 29, 2014
3 Generations of
fans.....Carolyn S.
McPherson,and her
granddaughter and great
Below:  Back row, left to right:  DianeMcBride, Mitzi
Marbry, MaryJane Losey
Front:  Dorothy (Mother of Donna Smith), Donna Smith and
Nancy Parks.
Johnny & Donna
Administrator of
Legendary Johnny
Rodriguez Fan Club
Johnny & Maureen Kilinski
Maureen is administrator of the Unofficial
Johnny Rodriguez fan club
Pictures from Branson were taken by Maureen
Kilinski, Nancy Parks, Frankie Kins, and Diane
McBride.  Thank you all.
Below:  Frankie Kins who
traveled from Colorado.
Frankie took the picture
which was sold at the show
Nancy Parks, Johnny, Aubry and
Mitzi Marbry.
Below:  Johnny with Ann Straughan, Administrator
of the Official Johnny Rodriguez Fan Club.
Beverly McVey's sister, Treva.
Above:  Sharon Leveritt gets a kiss from
Johnny.  Years ago, she took the song titles and
wrote a poem which was later recorded as a
song, "Johnny Rodriguez, I Love You"

Below:  Beverly McVey
Below:  Diane McBride who took many
of  the pictures on this page.             
Above:  Dorothy, mother of Donna Smith
Mitzi Marbry, Donna Smith and Antonia Castillo
  Evelyn Mace TaylorEvelyn Mace Taylor
Above photo courtesy of Aubry Rodriguez Music,
showing the autograph line snaking up the aisle.  Pictured
on lower left are Johnny and Aubry Rodriguez as well as
T.G. Sheppard and road manager, Greg.
Bakersfield, CA, Veterans Day Parade.
Pictures courtesy of Shirley Fresh.
Bakersfield, CA 11-13-2014
Buck Owen's Crystal Palace. Pictures courtesy
of Jeannine Quinones.  Thanks, Jeannine
Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, Bakersfield, CA 11/13/2014
Left:  Johnny with Pauline Vega, Events Co-ordinator
Middle:  Johnny receiving roses from fans.
Below:  Johnny with singer
Daisy Sanchez
Below middle:  Receiving a gift from Native American fan.
Thank you, Shirley Fresh & Also Karla Dennise Wong.
Stagecoach Ballroom, Fort Worth, TX
Photo by Shirley Fresh
Thank you, Stagecoach Ballroom
Photo by Shirley Fresh