Pictures of Recent Shows/Events
Amarillo, TX
Tri States Exposition
Pictures below taken by Shirley Fresh.
As always, ALL pictures below,  by Patrice L Ash
are copyrighted.  Please do not share, copy, or use
in any way without her express written
permission.  Thank you.
Gail, TX
Coyote Store
September 29, 2018
Pictures of recent show at Gail, TX were submitted
by Belinda Anderson Machen and Patrice
Ash.\Photos marked as tkaen by Patrice are
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Fort Worth, TX
Will Rogers Center
September 30, 2018
Jimmy Sharpe, fan from Ireland with Shirley Fresh
Thanks, Shirley Fresh. Belinda Anderson
Machen and Greg Irwin for pictures.
Bruce Carter in Background
Joe Beilinski, Sharon Jackson
and Johnny.
Jody Nix, Johnny, Joe Beilinski, Dion Pride and Miss Leslie
Johnny & Penny Gilley
Taken by Patrice Ash
Above taken by Patrice Ash
Photo left taken by Patrice Ash
Miss Aubry Rodriguez records in Bakersfield, CA
Aubry recorded "We Believe in Happy Endings" on her dad's
upcoming CD, along with Bakersfield Sound Band
Producer Rick Reno Stevens,
Aubry Rodriguez
Engineer, Pariecee McGriff
Engineer Pariecee McGriff
Pauline Vega
Aubry Rodriguez
Producer Rick Reno Stevens
Johnny Owens and Buck Fever Band
Guitar Story
The following happened at the
Joe Bielinski Show at Fort
Worth on September 30, 2018
While at the Fort Worth Tribute show for Johnny, Barbara Jo, Bernice
Santos' daughter, was spotted carrying a guitar that she inherited from her
Dad after his passing. She was hoping to get it signed by Johnny. So she was
signaled at by Joe Bielinski to enter as he was talking to Johnny. She and
Johnny had a good conversation. According to Barbara Jo, Johnny had told
her, "Tell your dad that I have a new CD out", and she started to cry. She
said, "I can't tell him", explaining why. Johnny responded, "I'm sorry honey, I
know how you feel". As her Mom, Bernice, said to me: "She didn't
understand what he meant, but I knew that Johnny had lost both his mom and
Barbara Jo mentioned other comforting words that Johnny had told her,
expressing that he felt sympathy for her, and Barbara Jo said that she just
started to cry. She mentioned Johnny gave her a sympathetic hug, and
according to her Mom, (Bernice): "It just made me love Johnny even more
because he's not just an Entertainer that entertains people and signs things for
fans who want them; He did that for my daughter from his heart. He showed
that he has feelings for other people. I just love him even more now." Bernice
mentioned her daughter had said, "Johnny stole my heart".
My sincere appreciation to Bernice and her daughter for permitting me to
share their experience.  - Submitted by Mary Esther Rositas