Pictures of Recent Shows
90 year old fan, ETTA HAFNER, listens to
Johnny every day on CDs and she made the
trip hoping to meet him. Johnny made sure he
got to meet her.
A young fan, Joseph Gonzales
getting his picture taken with
Johnny.  Joseph is the son of
Joel Gonzales and Julie

Below:  The owners of the Stagecoach
Ballroom, Jean and Karin.
Mike Crow of radio Station 92.1
interviewing Johnny
Thanks to Antonia
Castillo & Barb Salas
for pictures from
Dosey Does, The
Woodlands, TX and to
Amalia Flores for
pictures from the
Riverside Inn in
Mission, TX
Donna Smith, Barb Salas & friends
Johnny with fan, Patrice Ash
Thanks to Marina Farmer for fabulous pictures from        
Arlington Music Hall.
Pictures below were submitted by
Antonia Castillo at The Redneck
Country Club, Stafford, TX.
Below:  Bandleader & keyboard player GARY GOSS at
Redneck Country Club.
Redneck Country Club.
Fans Dennis Eppes and Shirley Fresh
Pictures to the right were
submitted by Shirley Fresh.