Pictures of Recent Shows
Long time friend, Lanette Grinstead
and Gary.
Lake City resident, Karen Hurd
and daughter. Jen.  Rachel
Grinstead in lower right.
Brenda Leatherman & Nicki McLendon
Promoter Charles Hutchins giving
introduction for Johnny.
Long time fans Dave and Frankie Kins
Johnny, Barbara Pruett and Jeff
Dawes, at the conclusion of
afternoon sound check.
Johnny with fan Barbara Pruett
JULY 14, 2014
Sound check pictures
Karen Hurd and Jen Hurd Mangum
Robert Hurd and Johnny
Johnny and Karen Hurd
Lane  Mangum, son of Jen Hurd -Mangum
Johnny's friend, George Hurd
Thanks to Jen
Hurd-Mangum for sharing
her pictures
Thanks to Jen Hurd-Mangum and
Patrice Ash for pictures.
Copyrighted Pictures below
were taken by Patrice Ash
Jeanine Quinones
Main Street Crossing
Tomball, TX
July 17, 2015
Long time fan Beverly Padgett Gill
Long time fan Marlena Hayter
Possibly the youngest fan
there at Main Street Crossing,
Trinity is the daughter of
Debbie Stewart Reiter.
Thank you, Debbie, for the
Thanks to Patrice Ash for
use of her copyrighted
pictures and to Debbie
Reiter for others
Taken by Patrice Ash.
Kay and Monica Chance
Long time fan Joe Balderas
Debbie Stewart Reiter
New Braunfels, TX
Jerry Diaz Ranch
August 1, 2015
Thanks to Patrice Ash &
Debbie Reiter for use of their