Pictures of Recent Shows
Brady, TX
Ed Davenport Civic Center
March 21, 2015
Thanks to Amber Digby,
Patrice Ash, Elizabeth
Thompson Hayes, Ora
Aranda-Richardson, Tracy
Pitcox and Sharon Jackson
for submitting pictures.
Tracy Pitcox, Heart of Texas
Music and promoter of this event.
Country Music artist Darrell McCall
Country music artists, Diane
McCall, Amber Digby Lindley, and
Randy Lindley entertained also but
in this photo, they are enjoying the
Johnny Rodriguez show.
Fan Elizabeth Thompson Hayes
Fan, Ora Aranda-Richardson
Fan Billy Vance traveled from Ireland to
see Johnny perform at Brady.
Columbia  River Cowboy Gathering
Kennewick, WA
April 10, 2015
Passing the jug of water as he talks about!
Fans Rick and Barb Salas
Pictures courtesy of Shirley Fresh.
Texas Pride, Adkins, Texas
April 12, 2015
Photos courtesy of Texas Pride
BBQ.  Thanks.
Thanks also to Facebook ladies.
Facebook ladies:  Standing:  Linda Polsfuss, Tina Braun & Patrice Ash
Seated:  Linda's sister-in-law, Donna Smith and Deborah Allen Nugent
Augie Meyer, of Texas Tornados, Johnny and
Johnny Bush
Augie Meyer of Texas Tornados, Johnny, and Sam Kindrick
Johnny visiting with Augie Meyer
Old Lovelady Gym
Lovelady  Texas
April 18, 2015
Kelly Kenning
Mitzi Marbry, Marlena Hayter, Donna
Smith, Teresa Queener & Patrice Ash
Mitzi Marbry walking off stage after
picking up Johnny's towel.
MaryJane Losey, Marlena Hayter, Mitzi Marbry, Donna Smith & Teresa
Mike Hammock
Sharon Jackson & MaryJane Losey
Teresa Queener & Johnny.
Donna Smith & Johnny
Thank you, Mitzi Marbry for