Pictures of Recent Shows/Events
Bakersfield, CA
March 3-5, 2018
Triple 7 Recording Studio
Thanks to Rick Stevens and
Pauline Vega for the pictures.
Thanks also to Pariecee McGriff.
Johnny and actor, singer, songwriter Dennis Quaid between recording
Dennis Quaid, Tanya Tucker and Johnny
Tanya Tucker, Johnny, Pauline Vega and Dennis Quaid. Picture
by Pariecee McGriff
Tanya Tucker, Johnny, Pauline Vega, Dennis Quaid and Rick Stevens.  
Photo by Rick Stevens
The entire crew who worked on this recording session.
Dennis Quaid & Johnny doing some "Face Time".
Johnny's executive production
and recording team.  Photo by
Pariecee McGriff
Brady, TX
Brady Civic Center
30th Heart of Texas Country
Music Festival
March 15, 2019
Fans standing at the stage
Fans dancing to the music of  
the Johnny Rodriguez Band
Taking care of business with two young fans!
Tracy Pitcox and Johnny
Pictures courtesy of Tracy Pitcox and
Belinda J. Anderson