Pictures of Recent Shows
Fort Worth, TX
Stagecoach Ballroom
February 25, 2017
Thanks to Patrice Ash for pictures from Stagecoach
and a reminder that all photos by Patrice are
copyrighted.  Please do not share or copy from this
page without permission from Patrice Ash.
Brady, TX
Ed Davenport Community Center
March 25, 2017
Thanks to Tracy Pitcox and Sharon
Jackson for pictures taken at afternoon
performance. We have added photos taken
by Patrice Ash.  These photos are
copyrighted and should not be copied or
shared without permission from Patrice.  
Thank you, Patrice, for your phot
Thanks to Billy Vance from Convoy,
Ireland who also submitted photos.
Never before have we had a picture of Gary
Goss' footwork under the keyboard.  Thanks
to  Sharon Jackson.
Left:  Johnny and friend Sharon
The above picture was
donated for the silent auction.